The story is simple. A woman from Wisconsin; Heather, met and married a fella from Minnesota, Mike. As sometimes happens in these parts, they ended up on a hockey team together - she the goalie and he, eventually, the captain. Along the way, it so happened that she played in a Wednesday night hockey league in St Paul with a fella named Stewart, who it turned out was a chef and a stalwart defenseman. (This is a characteristic that inspires confidence in the mind of any well-grounded goalie.) Heather was well known for bringing freshly baked cookies to the locker room, the quality of which caught the immediate attention and admiration of her right defensemen. Pretty soon conversation ensued, then wine, and lots of talk about food, pucks, travel, and martial arts (another hobby).


What became clear in short order was a set of shared values: hard work, looking out for your teammates, love of great food, and always giving your best. (All the while knowing that sometimes your best won't be good enough, but also knowing that sometimes that won't be enough.) You'll get knocked down. That's hockey and it's life. But no matter, you get back up, dust yourself off, and get back in the mix.


So here we are with a food truck inspired by our values, and great ingredients, from our own gardens and those we've come across in our community. You can't live here without being grateful to be living in this part of the Midwest that provides an incredible richness of ingredients, from forests to backyard gardens to farms. We also live in a region that has a rich and storied history of contributions from many cultures; our grocery stores are filled with ingredients that inspire us to explore our natural world through creating recipes that are inspired by those ingredients. We are not pretending in any way to authentically represent any cultures, their techniques or their histories. Our menu is the result of a conversation by three people who are infinitely curious about the natural world and all of its bounties, who are always striving to contribute to our community, and to our team in the scoring of more goals. (Or stopping them in Heather's case.)


Stewart Woodman is an American chef who has managed and worked in some of the finest restaurants in the world. He was born in the US and was raised in Montreal, Quebec. At age 20 he moved to Banff Alberta where he worked as an apprentice cook for three and a half years. He next worked as a sous chef at the William Tell Restaurant in Vancouver, BC.


In the 1990's, Woodman moved to the United States and worked as a line cook for Michael Romano at Union Square Café. One year later he moved to Lespinasse, located in the St. Regis Hotel to cook under Gray Kunz. In 1997 he moved to Le Bernardin in 1997 to work under Eric Ripert and stayed two and a half years, working as a sous chef for most of that time. In 1999 he began working for Alain Ducasse, in Paris, Monaco, and finally as the opening sous chef at ADNY-Alain Ducasse at the Essex House. He then moved to a sous chef position at the Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant.


Stewart relocated to Minneapolis in 2002 and opened Levain, followed by Five Restaurant & Street Lounge where he won the title of Best New Chef from Food & Wine Magazine. In 2007 he opened Heidi's Minneapolis, which was ranked with the top restaurants in the Twin Cities.


In 2010, Stewart published Shefzilla: Conquering Haute Cuisine at Home, and is looking forward to publishing his next book in the near future!


In recent years Stewart has served as an executive chef and as a consultant for corporate hotels and restaurants while focusing on catering and private events.